What We Believe

We hold to the same beliefs and doctrinal positions as the broader Wesleyan denomination.


The term "DNA" is simply meant to capture the idea that this is who we are at the core. These four statements mark the boundaries of everything we do as a Church; they are Biblically-based concepts that guide the life, teachings, and ministry of SJ1.

  • We have


    At SJ1 we have ONE KING. His name is Jesus. As the perfect revelation of the living God, and as our crucified and risen saviour, He is not only our King, but King over all the earth. Jesus is (literally) the reason we exist, and it is our privilege to participate in the extension of His kingdom to the entire world.

  • We are


    The New Testament authors and characters (including Jesus) promoted the rather shocking idea that the primary family group of all believers is other believers. With God as our "Father," and knowing that we are "brothers and sisters in Christ," we are, and will seek to act like, ONE FAMILY at SJ1.

  • We follow


    We follow ONE WAY at SJ1: Jesus' way of discipleship. We believe, in other words, that not only have we become Christians, we are continually becoming Christians, more and more like Christ every day. We take seriously Jesus' call to make disciples (not converts), so by the power of the Holy Spirit, and in close company with our brothers and sisters, we take refuge in the God who makes broken people whole.

  • We serve


    "Bloom where you're planted" isn't found in the Bible, but it makes good Biblical sense. After all, the Biblical principle of Stewardship implies the wise use of all one has (including one's location) for God's glory. Right now, we find ourselves in Saint John; it is our immediate context, and our mission field. Of course, we love participating in what the global Church is up to, but primarily, we serve ONE CITY at SJ1.