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Wednesday  | Nov 02  |  6 - 8:30pm

399 Boars Head Rd.

(Must be Grade 6-12)

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to Get an Edge over the Competition

  • Increase Max Darts

    Factions works on a darts-per-round (DPR) system; everyone starts with the same amount of darts... UNLESS... you've been awarded bonus darts!

    - If you bring a friend, you will be awarded +2 DPR.

    - For each additional friend you bring, you will be awarded +1 DPR.

    - Like and Share to receive another +1 DPR.

  • Get a Free T-Shirt

    Factions is hosted by FUSION, a weekly hangout for grades 6-12. All first time guests get a free T-Shirt; simply show up the week AFTER Factions to get a free T-Shirt, and enjoy an evening of games, stories, snacks, and answers to the questions that matter in life!

    Wednesdays  |  6:30-8:30pm

    For more information, contact Dan Young at 898-1182 or